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Have you been harassed by a collection agency? Harassing behaviors may not be as uncommon as you believe. In fact, thousands of cases of creditor harassment are taken to court every year. Consumers can earn up to $1,000 for a creditor harassment violation, plus additional damages if the harassment was severe.

For example, a third-party debt collection agency cannot legally call your friends or family unless they are only trying to get a hold of you or get your contact information. It is illegal for debt collectors to identify themselves, and they cannot say that they are calling you about a debt. Therefore, if they identify themselves or state that they are calling about an unpaid debt to an uninvolved third party, you could be eligible for a creditor harassment lawsuit.

Additionally, if you have already given a collection agency your contact information and have requested that they not contact third parties, they must abide by your request.

Fortunately, if you have been harassed, there could be help available for you. There are creditor harassment attorneys available in every state to help you with your claim. Keep in mind that you can only file claims against third-party collection agencies. Original creditors do not need to abide by the same laws as third-party collection agencies. Learn more about the specific third-party collection agencies below.

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