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Have you been harassed by a debt collector? Unfortunately, you're not alone. Consumers are often plagued by dirty tactics used by third-party debt collectors to collect on debts.

There is help available for you through the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, or FDCPA. The FDCPA was designed to give consumers like you an option to file a claim against consumers who call you at all hours of the day, try to make you pay more than the debt you originally owe, calling you abusive names, and more.

But did you know that the FDCPA only protects consumers from third-party collection agencies? This means that if an original creditor harasses you, you are not protected under the FDCPA. An original creditor, such as a bank or loan agency, can call you as often as it likes to receive its debt.

Here are third-party collection agencies starting with the letter T and continuing through Z. If you've been contacted by any of these companies, you may be entitled to an FDCPA lawsuit.