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When Can a Collection Agency Leave a Voicemail?

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Having debt can be stressful. When your debt is sold to a third party collection agency, and this agency regularly calls you repeatedly in attempt to collect your debt, it can be even more stressful. Coming home from a long day only to find that a collection agency has left you a voicemail about your debt makes a bad situation even worse.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a consumer protection law designed to prevent debt collection agencies from using certain methods of debt collection. Under the FDCPA, many previously used debt collection tactics became illegal.

While a debt collector is not expressly prohibited from leaving a voicemail, certain aspects of the FDCPA make it difficult for the collector to do so without violating any laws. For example, a debt collector must identify themselves when calling you, but they cannot reveal your debt information to a third party. A debt collector therefore may risk a third party listening to your voicemail and learning about your debt.

A debt collector could also violate the FDCPA by saying certain things, such as threats, in a voicemail. In addition, a debt collector should not leave you a voicemail at work.

An experienced FDCPA attorney can help you to understand if the FDCPA has been violated by a collection agency leaving you a voicemail. If your rights have been violated, your lawyer may even be able to help you win a claim in court.

Here is some more information on when a specific collection agency can leave you a voicemail: